Batam Must Eat


any of us would visit or think of visiting Batam (with just merely 1 hour ferry ride away) when we think of catching a short break to recharge! Unwinding ourselves with a relaxing massage spa and probably some light shopping and then recharging ourselves with the wide range of delicious foods!

Batam has an exciting food scene with many delicacies to offer and at affordable prices! Here are some goodies that we recommend in your next short getaway!

Ayam Bakar

Ayam bakar means roasted chicken and who doesn't love a hearty meal of BBQ chicken charcoal-grilled to perfection? The char and smokiness from the caramelized skin blended with sweet aromatic spices.

If you're looking for a hearty and satisfying ayam bakar, head over to Ayam Bakar Chianago to fill your tummies!

Bakso Noodles

One of the most popular street food dishes in Batam, bakso is an Indonesian meatball made usually with minced beef. Coupled with chewy noodles swimming in a peppery savoury broth.

Baso Priangan is one of the best spots to get some bakso, just a 20-minute drive away from Batam's Harbour Ferry Bay.

Batam Must Eat

Kueh Lapis and other snacks!

One of the must buyback from Batam - kueh lapis. Many of our friends would probably have brought back kueh lapis and several other traditional sweet snacks from their Batam trip. Kueh lapis here are mostly at least half the price of Singapore.

Another traditional snack to try is luti gendang, fried fluffy bread with fish floss fillings. Prefer some crackers or keropok? Try some fried spicy emping melinjo, cracker chips made from bitternut.


Fluffy goodness doesn't come any better than the martabaks here! Delightful spongy pancake resembling ban chang kuehs, that comes with a wide range of delightful fillings to choose from - peanuts, shredded cheese, matcha, red bean paste, corn, condensed milk and many more. Want something crispy and crunchy? It also has a crispy version.

Martabak 818 is one of the favourite spots to satisfy your fluffy desires!

Sate Cireng

Another popular street snack - Sate cireng is a Sundanese fritter made with sago flour, thin slices served on a stick with a dipping sauce. It slightly resembles the crispy keropok but with a chewy sticky texture like mochi. The secret is in the sauce which is usually sweet and sour, but some are spicier than others.

Batam Must Eat


You just can't miss the seafood out in a food writeup, especially in Batam. The seafood in Batam are fresh and you can expect to be paying lesser for your seafood feast than in Singapore! Crabs go for just about $10+ at some restaurants!

From the standard crabs dressed in various fashion whether salted egg, chilli or pepper, to lobsters, prawns, gong gongs and squids.

One favourite recommended spot is Wey Wey Live Seafood that offers outdoor seating with a beautiful view of the sea and live music performances.

Hungry much? Check out our Batam & other short packages below and head over to satisfy your taste buds!

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