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Why Choose Airelated Travel

Making your holiday memorable is our business!

We believe that any holidays should always be memorable and enjoyable. Our team is aligned with our philosophy in providing excellent customer experience to our wide range of customers.

Our team is constantly updated and works cohesively together to achieve a high standard of service for our customers. We focus on building and maintaining a positive customer relationship through meeting our customers' expectations promptly and efficiently.

With our professional team and long experience, you can count on Airelated Travel Pte Ltd to answer all your travel needs in a friendly and professional way!

Our Story

Since 1987. How it all started.

Established and serving customers since 1987. Airelated Travel Pte Ltd (ART) has built on its experience and constantly adapted its high quality products in the ever changing travel landscape with a clear focus on providing excellent customer experience and value to its customers. ART has since become the proven leader for travellers, from business to leisure.

ART is powered by a dedicated, experienced and highly motivated team of travel industry professionals. In order to achieve our mission and maintain professional & personalized customer experience, ART team is always updated with the latest travel industry movement and news.

Armed with the knowledge and training, our team carefully curates the travel itinerary making it a
value-for-money and excellent choice for both first-time leisure travellers as well as the seasoned business travellers.

ART is a member of IATA and NATAS. Keeping pace with the industry, we provide interesting and comprehensive travel packages to meet the requirements of our valued customers, from corporate to personal, inbound & outbound travel. Aligned with our mission, ART constantly improves our customers' experience, from the initial planning to the final travel management, providing excellent value to our customers.