Reasons to Visit Bhutan


ruk Yul, the traditional name for Bhutan, literally means Land of the Thunder Dragon. This tiny country nestled deep within the eastern Himalayas is one of the least visited countries in the world. With stunning landscapes, ancient temples and friendly locals, there's so much to see and experience in Bhutan.

If you're looking for a slower pace in your travel adventures, this exotic Shangri-La is definitely a place to visit.


Stunning Scenery & Fresh Air

Situated in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan offers spectacular views of the mountainous landscape with networks of crisscrossing rivers.

Bhutan first opened its doors to tourism in 1974 and has continuously focused on sustainable tourism by preserving both the natural landscape and their unique culture. Adopting a 'high value, low impact' policy where foreign tourists would have to pay a minimum tariff of US$250 per day. Though it may sound expensive, this fee actually includes accommodation, food, transportation and an official guide. As such, Bhutan has attracted visitors from all over the world but still maintained and preserved its stunning natural beauty.

Bhutan is also the only country in the world that is carbon negative. With over 70% of the country kept as forestation, Bhutan offsets more carbon than they produce. Oh, and they are also the first country to ban the sale of tobacco in 2010. This means you can enjoy the freshest cleanest mountain air here.

Hiking Trails

Bhutan has some of the most amazing Himalayas hiking trails. One of which is the hike to Bhutan's iconic Taktsang Monastery or Tiger's Nest Monastery.

Perched on a rocky edge that overlooks the Paro valley, the Tiger's Nest Monastery was first built around 1692 and the views are magnificent to say the least. It's about 900m above the valley and it takes about 2 hours for most people to reach the top (depending on weather conditions). Visitors can also take a horse-ride up. Hiking sticks and good footwear are strongly recommended as the roads can get muddy and slippery during rains.

Happy Friendly Locals

The only country in the world where Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important than Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The King of Bhutan and the government has adopted a holistic approach in their policies to ensure their people lead happy and fulfilled lives, with education and healthcare provided free. It's no wonder that the locals here are some of the happiest and friendliest you will find in your travels.

Unique Food Cuisine

A country where chillies aren't just a seasoning but the main ingredient and essential part of nearly every dish. Bhutanese cuisine, usually comprises of generous servings of rice served with curries or hearty stews, helps to warm up the body in the cold temperatures. Cheese or specifically yak cheese is also another favourite ingredient used in a number of Bhutanese dishes. The meat in the diet here includes beef, chicken, lamb, pork and yak.

The national dish of Bhutan, Ema Datshi, is a stew made of chillies and cheese. Cheesy spicy stuff sounds like the perfect dish for some of us. Thanks to the proximity and rising tourism, visitors can also find familiar continental cuisine here, from Indian cuisine to Chinese cuisine.

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