Things to do in Bintan


intan is one of the favourite and perfect spots for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle. Home to some beautiful beaches, stunning luxurious resorts and epic swimming pools, one might be tempted to just hang out and chill at the beaches when they come to Bintan. But there’s still so much more to explore and do here in Bintan other than relaxing by the pool or food hunting (which is still totally fun all by itself)!

Bali's Must Try

Ride a Jetovator

Looking for some adrenaline with some water sports? Then you have to try out the jetovator! It works somewhat like a jet pack but it's easier to balance with 4 water jets instead of 2. Hop on one and hover over the waters like Ironman!

Address: Treasure Bay Bintan

Soar through the Skies

Ever thought of becoming a pilot or what it’s like soaring through the sky in an open cockpit? Now you can do just that here in Bintan! The exhilarating experience lasts twenty minutes as you fly through the clouds and catch an unobscured view of the breathtaking scenery below!

Address: Air Adventures Flying Club Bintan, Lagoi Bay

Bintan Nirwana Flying Fox

Zip in the Trees

When was the last time (if ever) you tried a flying fox? Situated at Nirwana's Happy Valley, the platform stands at about three storeys tall. Ascending the structure is often more daunting and tiring than the zip itself, which will be totally worth it when you step off the platform and zip through the trees. Perfect activity for some fun and joy any time of the day!

Address: Nirwana Gardens

Now, Whisk through the Waters

Treasure Bay offers cable wake-boarding for everyone, from beginners to intermediate wake-boarders. Instead of getting pulled from behind a speedboat, you’ll be propelled by a cable above. Just have to hold on tight and keep your balance. It’s actually much more tiring than it looks after we’ve tried it.

Address: Chill Cove Wake Park, Treasure Bay Bintan


Not a water lover? Quad-biking might just be the activity for you! It takes some getting used to at the start but once you get the hang of it, you might not want to drop it. Hop onto a quad-bike and navigate across the different terrains.

Address: Treasure Bay Bintan

Explore the Sand Dunes

What was once a mining site, Gurun Pasir Busung is now abandoned and has transformed into a desert full of white sandy sand dunes. It has also become an Instagrammers’ favourite spot to capture some picturesque shots.

Address: Busung, Seri Kuala Lobam, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29152

Visit the 500 Lohan Temple

A sight that will probably remind you of the Terracotta Army in China. Situated in the city of Tanjung Pinang, Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is a remarkable sight to behold, home to about 500 life-sized Lohan statues, all with different faces and expressions. Perhaps the most impressive thing to see would be the giant statue of Buddha that stands guard at the front of the temple.

Address: Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands 29125

There are still so many other activities to do here in Bintan, like paddle-boarding, archery, paintball, hiking, and so much more! Part of the fun in travelling comes from trying out new things. Intrigued yet? Check out our Bintan packages and other short getaways here.

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