8D7N Winter Glamorous Busan + Jeju


Duration8 Days 7 Nights
Transport Singapore Airlines
Accommodation 3 Stars
Tour CodeKRWGB08
  • Number of Days:  8 Days 7 Nights
  • Transport:  Singapore Airlines
  • Price:  $1,999.00 (U.P.: $2299)
  • Tour Code:  KRWGB08
  • Tour Dates:  23 Dec 2019


  • Feeding sheep and cheese making in Wind Village
  • DIY Seafood Pancake
  • DIY Traditional Cuisine - Bibimbap
  • Enjoy Ski Fun in beautiful snow valley


  • Jusangjeolli Cliff is stone pillars piled up along the coast Gamcheon Cultural Village Busan’s most colorful and Artistic spot Jagalchi Market is one of the ten landmarks of Busan Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts – Myeongdong & Dongdaemun


  • Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup, Premium Seafood Steamboat, Bossam Set Abalone Soup in Claypot, Black Pork Bulgogi with Mt Halla Fried Rice Bibimbap, Pork BBQ, Korean Buffet, Braised Mackerel

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First Day
Singapore Airport to Incheon Airport (MOB)

Second Day
Incheon Airport – Seoul – Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island (B/L/D)

Changdeokgung Palace [Drive pass The Blue House] - Changdeokgung Palace was the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1405. It was the principal palace for many kings of the Joseon Dynasty and is the most well-preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon palaces.

DIY Seafood Pancake

Bukchon Hanok Village - is home to hundreds of traditional houses called ‘Hanok’ that date back to the Joseon Dynasty.

Third Day
Jeju Island (B/L/D)

Seongsan Sunrise Peak – From under the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago. Located on the eastern end of Jejudo Island.

Tangerine Farm [INC Tangerine Plucking] – Self-pluck sweet and deliciously juicy tangerines.

Jusangjeolli Cliff - Jusangjeolli are stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jeju Island. Jusangjeolli Cliff was formed when the lava from Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun.

Teddy Bear Museum - Teddy Bear Museum is one of Korea's main tourist attractions, is a museum dedicated to teddy bears that opened in April 2001. Although many teddy bear museums can be found internationally, the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island is one of the few teddy museums found in Korea that boasts a unique collection of teddy bears to entertain its visitors.

Fourth Day
Jeju Island to Busan - Daegu (B/L/D)

Gamcheon Cultural Village – Korea’s most art-filled town is nestled on top of the hills of Saha-gu in Busan. It is dubbed as the quirkiest art-filled suburb with colorful and narrow alleyways. It attracts thousands of tourists and photography enthusiasts yearly.

Jagalchi Market - It is Korea's largest seafood market, and is where you can see the lifestyle of the indigenous Busan natives. It also represents Busan and is famous throughout the country. You may like to try some fresh raw fish right at the market.

Biff Square - This Square was named on 14 August 1996, after the first Busan International Film Festival was held there. In recent years, it has grown into a more complex area, not only movie theaters but also shops and leisure facilities, attracting growing numbers of visitors and tourists.

Yongdusan Park [INC: Busan Tower Observatory] - Busan Tower is a symbol of Busan that stands proudly 69 m above sea level at a height of 120 m. The top of the tower is modeled after the baldaquin of Dabotap Pagoda in Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju.

Fifth Day
Daegu – Pyeongchang Ski Resort (B/L/D)

Bibimbap Culture Centre [INC: DIY Bibimbap] – The world bibimbap literally means “mixed rice.” This dish was traditionally eaten on the eve of the Lunar New Year as the people at the time felt that they had to get rid of all of the leftover dishes before the New Year.

Daegwallyeong Wind Village [INC: Feeding Sheep + Cheese Making] - Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is a privately owned ranch on an area of 195 k ?. There are many ranches in Pyeongchang, but Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is the only ranch that raises sheep.

Sixth Day
Pyeongchang Ski Resort – Seoul (B/L)

Ski Tour - Free at leisure for you to relax in Ski Resort, or go for enjoys skiing.

** Own Expenses: Ski Equipment & Ski Suit [Approx. Expenses 50,000WON exclusive Ski Goggle, Ski Glove, Locker & Ski Lift]

Lotte World [INC: Free Pass] - This gigantic, multi-purpose complex featuring shopping malls, sports facilities, an indoor and outdoor theme park and a folk museum was recorded in the Guinness Book Records as the biggest indoor theme park in the world. It features fantasy parades, souvenir shops and sceneries from world-famous streets with delicacies from all over the world.

Seventh Day
Seoul (B/L)

Compulsory shopping stops: Ginseng Outlet, Healthy Liver Shop, Cosmetic Duty-Free

Dongdaemun Market - Head over for Dongdaemun Market, one of the most popular wholesale shopping area in Seoul among Koreans and tourists alike.

Myeongdong - Enjoy more shopping sensations in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts.

Eighth Day
Seoul - Incheon Airport to Singapore (B/MOB)

Local products & souvenir store

Package Excludes

  • Tax 100
  • Tipping SGD 40 (If tour leader assign = SGD 16)