Winter in South Korea


inter is something we don’t experience in this tiny island and experiencing it can bring our travel experience to another level. Visiting South Korea in the winter is a great way to acquaint ourselves with this beautiful country! With the snow-capped landscape and piping hot foodies to warm you up from the inside out, there’s plenty to do and see here in the winter season.

Winters begin in December through to February and can be harsh sometimes, averaging around -10 to -5 degrees Celsius. This is also the ski season when many travellers come to the several world class ski resorts and make a memorable winter experience.

Winter in South Korea

Icheon Spa Plus

Located in Icheon City, Gyeonggi-do Province, Spa Plus is a famous hot spring region. It was believed that the hot spring waters here have healing capabilities. Spa Plus offers a variety of jjimjilbang (public bathhouses) areas to enjoy along with an outdoor area where you can relax in the soothing hot spring waters.

Winter in South Korea

PyeongChang Ski Resorts

PyeongChang County hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics and is home to some of the best ski resorts in South Korea with a beautiful view. Whether you’re good with your balance skills or amateurs like most of us, switch into your ski gear and it’ll be a fun memorable snow experience for everyone!

Sky Ranch

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch is one of the many popular spots to visit in PyeongChang throughout the year, and even more mesmerizing in the winter when it transforms into a winter wonderland, filled with fluffy snow and fluffy sheeps! The ranch produces close around 1,400 tons of milk annually and top quality Korean beef too.

Ansan Star Village

One of the most colourful places in Gyeonggi Province, Ansan Star Village is a beautiful attraction and quite literally a star village with its amazing light displays. Just be sure to have your camera well-charged as you won’t be short of photo-taking spots!

Lotte World

Prefer to stay indoors? Head over to Lotte World - one of the world’s largest theme parks. Located in Seoul City, Lotte World is an incredible theme park with both indoors and outdoors area. Packed with thrilling rides and attractions, themed parades, and of course delicious food. There’s something here for everyone!

Winter in South Korea

Gyeongbok Palace

The snow-capped tops of Gyeongbok Palace is a beautiful sight to see. Located in the heart of downtown Seoul, Gyeongbok Palace was first built in 1394 and served as the seat of government and royal residence during the Joseon Dynasty.

Cafe Hopping

Cafe hopping is a great way to stay indoors and stock up the calories to beat the cold. There are many unique cafes found all over South Korea, beautifully designed serving yummy food, absolute best way to hand in some IG homework!

Cafe Yeonnam Dong 223-14

A beautiful cafe located in Yeonnam Dong, Mapo Gu. You'll probably feel like Alice in Wonderland as you step through the doors into this intrinsically designed cartoon-themed cafe. The details go into their menu as well, there's a variety of interesting drinks to enjoy.

There are many more interesting cafes to explore in South Korea. Intrigued yet? Check out our South Korea Packages:

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